The Flying Hopes

We are thrilled to introduce you to our extraordinary team of athletes who are spreading thanks to the supporters who help build our community. The Flying Hopes Team, comprised of 18 athletes and athlete leaders, is on a mission like never before! In the first half of this year, the Flying Hopes Team reached over 400 supporters through heartfelt phone calls and handwritten notes, and we’re not stopping there! With each passing month, we set our sights higher, aiming to reach at least 500 supporters with our messages of gratitude and appreciation.

The Flying Hopes Team embodies the spirit of resilience, courage, and boundless optimism. Led by the support of Kwaya Trippe, Manager of Donor Relations at SOMD, the Flying Hopes Team is a force to be reckoned with. These athletes have selflessly expressed heartfelt thanks to the individuals who make the Special Olympics Maryland community possible – our invaluable supporters. Whether through volunteering, donating, coaching, or participating, your contributions form the foundation upon which our organization thrives, and we do not take that lightly!

Our supporters are the backbone of SOMD, the driving force behind every success story, and why our athletes can dream big and achieve even more significantly. So, as we celebrate the achievements of the Flying Hopes Team, let us also extend our deepest thanks to every supporter who stands alongside us in our journey towards a more inclusive society. Your generosity, compassion, and unwavering dedication are the wings that allow us to soar to new heights. Together, we are building a community where kindness and inclusivity know no bounds.

So here’s to you, our incredible supporters! Thank you for helping to create a world where opportunity is not limited by disability.

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