Children and adults with intellectual disabilities who participate in Special Olympics develop improved physical fitness and motor skills, greater self-confidence and a more positive self-image. They grow mentally, socially and spiritually and, through their activities, exhibit boundless courage and enthusiasm, enjoy the rewards of friendship and ultimately discover not only new abilities and talents but “their voices” as well.

Due to COVID-19, space to participate in any sport offering may be limited and some sports may not be offered. If you have questions about any sport please contact Mike Myers

  • Aquatics

  • Athletics

  • Bocce

    • April- June
    • Farring-Baybrook Recreation Center
    • Summer Games tract – Saturday morning 10a -12p
    • Unified league – Tuesday evenings 6 – 7:45p
    • Contact: Bob Signor –
  • Softball: 

    • April – June
    •  Farring-Baybrook Fields – Adult Program 18 yrs. +
    • Saturday morning 10a – 12p, plus additional weekend games
    • Contact: Loretta Washington –
  • Sailing:

    • May – July
    • Downtown Sailing Center
    • Thursday evenings 5:30-8p
    • Contact: Mike Myers
  • Kayaking:

  • Unified Volleyball

  • Soccer:

    • July- October
    • CSX Field, Farrining-Baybrook Park
    • State Games tract – Unified and Traditional
    • Tuesday evenings 6-8p, plus additional weekend games
    • Contact: Bob Signor –
  • Flag Football:

    •  August – October
    • CSX Field, Farrining-Baybrook Park
    • State Games tract – Unified and Traditional
    • Wednesday evening 6-8p, plus weekend games
    • Contact: Bob Signor –
  • Bowling:

    • September- December
    • AMF Woodlawn
    • Saturdays 1-3p
    • Contact: Chris Benzing – 
  • Basketball:

    • December- March:
    • Farring-Baybrook Recreation Center
    • Wed evening unified rec league 6- 8:45p
    • State Games  tract – Saturday morning 8:30a-12:30p
    • Contact: Bob Signor –



Eligible athletes are all children and adults, at least eight years old, with intellectual disabilities, a cognitive delay, or a closely related developmental disability. Eligible athletes have functional limitations in both general learning and in adaptive skills. Children ages six and seven may participate in Special Olympics training but may not compete.

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