Young Athletes Resources

The Young Athletes Resource Toolkit provides information and resources for individuals who are looking to become more involved with the Young Athletes Program.

Section One: Introduction to Young Athletes

Stories and experiences of impact from Young Athletes around the state of Maryland.

Young Athletes Fact Sheet: Introductory Overview about YAP

Young Athletes Research: Results from YAP research studies

Young Athletes Equipment: A list of equipment and resources needed to conduct YAP activities in a home, school, or community.

Section Two: Young Athletes Activity Guide

The Young Athletes Activity Guide includes activities to run Young athletes in schools, communities, and homes.

Young Athletes Activity Guide: Instructions for running the games and activities in the YAP

Young Athletes in Unified Champions Schools: Overview of using the YAP Activity guide in Unified Champion Schools for Unified Sports Programs.

Section Three: Young Athletes Activity Videos

Section Four: Young Athletes Curriculum

The Young Athletes Curriculum builds on Young Athletes Activity Guide, providing scripted Lesson Plans to use over an 8 week period.

Section Five: Tools and Resources for Implementers

Tools and resources for coaches and families supporting Young Athletes:

Resources to support starting a YAP Program

Community Program Suggestions: Resources from SONJ with tips and suggestions for starting a community program

Young Athletes Registration Overview: Zip file of YAP registration forms, including overview of policies and practices

Section Six: Resources for Families

Community Builder Toolkit for Family Leaders: Sample materials for family leaders to use. The toolkit highlights effective strategies for recruiting, retaining, and engaging families to make Special Olympics better for athletes, families, and communities.

Family Toolkit: Tools and resources to support families as they engage in a variety of roles within Special Olympics

For more information about Young Athletes and how to find a program near you, contact Mackenzie Irvin at or 410-242-1515.