Gifts of Stocks and Securities

Donating stock or other appreciated assets (instead of cash) to Special Olympics Maryland is an attractive gift alternative for many people. Possible tax benefits include being able to deduct the full, fair market value of the appreciated assets you give us while avoiding capital gains liability on the transfer.


To make a gift, please share this information with your financial advisor:

Morgan Stanley LLC
DTC #0015

For the benefit of Special Olympics Maryland/633-117478

c/o: Morgan Stanley
650 S. Exeter Street, Suite 1100
Baltimore, MD  21202

Because each individual’s financial, tax and legal situation is different, specific advice should be tailored to your individual circumstances. For this reason, you should consult with your own financial advisor, tax accountant and/or attorney regarding your specific situation and benefits derived from your gift.



For more information or instructions on how to donate appreciated assets to Special Olympics Maryland, please contact:
Sue Jacobs, VP of Donor Relations: 410-242-1515 ext. 104