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Inclusive Schools Week

December 4, 2023 - December 8, 2023

2023 Inclusive Schools Week: Draw Me In!

Each year during the first week of December, schools are celebrated for the progress they have made in creating inclusive school environments. This is a time to recognize the improvement in quality of education regardless of socio-economic status, ability, gender, religion, heritage, and other factors.

While this is a week of celebration, there is also room for improvement across every school. This time is focused on there being some introspection to help staff, parents, teachers, and students discuss ways to continue to improve education. This is a time for growth to create the highest quality education for all that enter the halls of any school.

Celebrate the wonderful strides your school has made in bringing a quality education to everyone. Take time to think of some suggestions on how to continue on the inclusive path toward a positive education experience for everyone. Let’s be active in growing together, while still celebrating the things we do well.

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