Staff Directory


Jim Schmutz
President & CEO
410-242-1515 x107

Administration & Operations

Rhonda Garrison
Senior Director, Operations
410-242-1515 x119

Tionee Drumwright
Operations Assistant/Receptionist
410-242-1515 x101

Danielle Weddle
Executive Assistant
410-242-1515 x125

Athlete Leadership

Jason Schriml
Vice President, Athlete Leadership
410-242-1515 x118

Adam Hays
Multimedia & Digital Coordinator
410-242-1515 x162


Claire Huston
Director, Development Services
410-242-1515 x145

Betsy Jiron
Senior Director, Special Events & LETR
410-242-1515 x115

Sharon Perfetti
Senior Director, Special Events
410-242-1515 x140


Darlene Taylor
Senior Director, Accounts Payable
410-242-1515 x114

Kim Wijnands
Senior Staff Accountant

Local Program Development

Jeff Abel
Vice President, Local Program Development
410-242-1515 x121

Lily Bean
Director, Western Region

Samantha Boyd
Director, Volunteer Management
410-242-1515 x106

Melissa Kelly
Senior Director
Unified Champion School Engagement
410-242-1515 x142

Mike Myers
Baltimore Region Director
410-242-1515 x173

Marketing and Communications

Kira Northrop
Senior Director, Marketing & Communications
410-242-1515 x143

Madison Bishop
Director, Marketing & Communications

Sports Programming

Zach Cintron
Senior Director, High School Unified Sports
410-242-1515 x161

Ryan Kelchner
Sports Director
410-242-1515 x171

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