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Special Olympics Tennis Sport Rules 2020

         Special Olympics Tennis Rule Changes 2020

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Tennis Pre-Season Coach Webinar     Webinar Slides    Recording

Tennis Pre-Competition Coach Webinar Wednesday, October 12th @ 6pm   To Register    Webinar Slides      Recording

Coach Education Opportunities

Tentative- Sunday, August 15th at Towson University. More information to come

Season Competitions

Sanction forms are provided by the host Area and include info such as location, overall schedule, directions to site and contact information. Information is subject to change/update.

Competition schedules are typically developed during the week prior to the competition and include individual game schedules. Information is subject to change/update.

TENTATIVE   Saturday, October 2, 2021- Required Tennis Qualifier @ Towson University
– All Levels Offered. All participants that will be competing at the 2021 Fall Sports Festival                                   must attend this Required Qualifier

SOMD Fall Sports Festival (Saturday, October 16, 2021)

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