SOMD Winter Games Monday, February 28

(structure kept as a placeholder for future years)

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Fact Sheet

Snowshoeing – Delegation Lists

Snowshoeing Delegations – Competitors Only

Snowshoeing Delegations – All Members

Snowshoeing – Time Sequence / Bucci Rosters

Snowshoeing Results: Time trials   Finals

Snowshoeing Winter Games – Venue Map #1     Venue Map #2



Snowshoeing Winter Games – Overall Schedule

         Snowshoeing Competition Schedule

         Winter Games Monday & Tuesday Schedule (Block Version)

         Snowshoeing Time Trial Divisions

         Snowshoeing Finals Divisions: Monday:  400M  100M  25M  4x200M Relay

                                                 Tuesday:  Individual Events (Multi Up)  4×100 Relay

               Tuesday Athletes with Events Report

      Full Results:  Monday


               Results by Event:

   Time Trials Delegation Reports (Alpine & Snowshoeing)

Coach Resources

Special Olympics Snowshoeing Sports Rules 2020

SOMD Snowshoeing Rules Adaptations

SOI Snowshoeing Coaching Guide 2021

Snowshoeing Season & Training Guide

Snowshoeing Webinars

2022 Time Trials & Training AD and Coaches Briefing Feb 7  Download Slides   View Recording

Snowshoeing Pre-Season Coaches Webinar January 6th @ 6:30pm  Download Slides    View Recording

Snowshoeing Pre-Competition Coaches Webinar February 23rd @ 7:00pm  Download Slides View Recording

Coach Education Opportunities

           Zoom Coaches Training (w/Ron Freeman and Trish Miles): Tuesday, December 7, 2022 at 7:00pm                     REGISTER HERE

            On-Snow Training #1 : Saturday, January 8, 2022  CANCELED

            On-Snow Training #2: Saturday, February 12, 2022  Registration Form Parking Lunch Order Form


Coach Resources for Training:

Snowshoe Running 101

Virtual Training

Snowshoeing (and LDR) Virtual Training Guide 2020

Training Template Form

Athlete Assessment Form

Virtual Training Guides – Coach Information Session