2022 SOMD Golf State Championship

(Sunday, September 25th at Queenstown Harbor)

2021 Results

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Level 2-5 Tee Times

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Golf Webinars

2022 Pre-Season Coach Webinar, July 19th at 6:30 p.m.  Download Slides  View Recording

2022 Pre-Competition Coach Webinar, September 20th at 6:30pm  REGISTER HERE

2021 Golf 2021 Pre-Season Coach Webinar, June 17th at 7p.m. View Recording  View Slides

2021 Golf 2021 Pre-Competition Coach Webinar September 20th at 6:00pm View Recording     View Slides

Coach Education Opportunities 

Coaches Training – Saturday, July 24th at 10:00am located at the Country Club of Maryland  Register

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2022 Season Competitions

2022 Request for Participation Form

2022 Blank Golf Sanction Form

Compass Pointe (AA) – August 14th  Results  Sanction Form

Clustered Spires (FR) – August 14th  Tee Times Sanction Form

The Links at Challedon (CR) – August 21st   Sanction Form

Geneva Farms (HA) – August 21st Sanction Form

Hog Neck (US) – August 22nd Sanction Form

Chesapeake Bay Golf Course (CE) – August 28th  Sanction Form

Wicomico Golf Course (SM) – September 3rd Sanction Form

Rattlewood (MO) – September 4th Sanction Form

Fox Hollow (BA) – September 11th Sanction Form

White Plains golf Course (CH) – September 11th Sanction Form

2021 Season Competitions

2021 Request for Participation Form

Blank Golf Sanction Form

Geneva Farms (HA) – August 14th Results

Compass Pointe (AA) – August 22nd  No conclusive results due to weather

Clustered Spires Golf Club (FR) – August 22nd  Results

Rattlewood Golf Course (MO) – September 5th  Results  

Wicomico Shores Golf Course (SM) – September 5th Results

The Links at Challedon (CR) – September 12th  Results

Fox Hollow (BC) – September 12 Results

White Plains Golf Course (CH) – September 12th  Results

The Timbers (HO) – September 12th  Results

Pax River (SM) – September 19th   Results

Sanction forms are provided by the host Area and include info such as location, overall schedule, directions to site and contact information. Information is subject to change/update.

Competition schedules are typically developed during the week prior to the competition and include individual game schedules. Information is subject to change/update.