Kayaking Coach Resources

SOMD Kayaking Time Trials (August 10th, 2024)

Delegation Lists:  Regular Roster    “Bucci” (time sequence) Version

Scoresheets with divisions and staging times

Results (by Event-delegation-competitor)

100 / 200 Meter Trials (singles & dbls)   PDF Version   Excel Version

200 / 500 Meter Trials (singles & dbls)   PDF Version   Excel Version

1 Kilometer Trials (singles & dbls)   PDF Version   Excel Version

SOMD Kayaking Championships (August 17, 2024)

Competition Deleg Lists (incl divisions and staging times): Regular Roster    “Bucci” (time sequence) Version

Divisions:  All Divisions    1K Spreadsheet (in start order)

Results By Event: 500M Race   100M Race   200M Race   1K Race

Results By Delegation

Kayaking Webinars

2024 Kayaking Pre-Season Coach Webinar 

2024 Kayaking Time Trials Pre-Competition Webinar

2024 Kayaking Championships Pre-Competition Webinar

Coach Education Opportunities


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Non-Certifiable Trainings to Browse: 

Below are some additional online coaches trainings you can view that WILL NOT re-certify you for your SONA Sports Certification, but may provide you with more information to better coach your athletes.

Paddlesports Safety Online Course

Additional Coach Resources for Training:

How to Train Your Athletes to Paddle Faster

Kayak with Olympic Champion Marcus Walz

Season Competitions

Sanction forms are provided by the host Area and include info such as location, overall schedule, directions to site and contact information. Information is subject to change/update.

Competition schedules are typically developed during the week prior to the competition and include individual game schedules. Information is subject to change/update.