Bowling Coach Resources

2024 SOMD Bowling Regional Competitions

Fact Sheet and Handicap Information

Location 1: TBD

Singles Results

Location 2: TBD

Singles Results     

Location 3: TBD

Results:  Singles    Traditional Doubles    Unified Doubles

Location 4: TBD

Singles Results 

2024 SOMD Bowling State Championship


Layout/Check-in Locations

Delegation Rosters (includes competitors and non-competitors)

Divisions & Lane Assignments

Results:  Singles    Traditional Doubles     Unified Doubles

Bowling Webinars

2024 Bowling Pre-Season Webinar 

2024 Bowling Regionals Pre-Competition Webinar 

2024 Bowling State Championships Pre-Competition Webinar 

Coach Education Opportunities 

In-Person Coaches Training 

Additional Resources for Training – This online coaches training WILL NOT re-certify you for your SONA Sports Certification, but may provide you with more information to better coach your athletes. Training Videos