Coach Resources

Welcome to the SOMD Coach Resources section of the SOMD website. These pages, which are under regular, ongoing development and will have ever increasing functionality, will be the primary location that coaches and sport coordinators can go to for all the information for their sports training program and competitions throughout the sports season. Athletes, families and program volunteers may find the information on these pages useful as well and are welcome to utilize these as a resource.

SOMD Sports Calendar

Open Sports Calendar (pdf) (02/16/2024)

Certification Status Updates

The links below open PDF files (and one Excel file) listing all athletes and non-athletes currently listed in “2023 Training Program Participant Registration” in GMS (which includes all athletes and non-athletes registered as participating in a SOMD Community sports training program in 2022 and/or 2023). They show the expiration dates for relevant certifications as they appear in GMS as of the date the data was pulled. It is possible that some certifications have been submitted but have not yet been processed, which would not be reflected here. Use standard search tools within your browser to locate the individuals you are seeking.

Certification Status Updates as of March 01, 2024   Athletes (PDF)     Non-Athletes (PDF)    Combined (xlsx)

Coach Education and Development

Coach Education and Development Page

This page includes status of sport-specific coach certifications and coach training courses which each person has completed.

SOMD Codes of Conduct - Updated 09/09/2022

SOMD Conduct Policy (including Codes of Conduct)

SOMD Codes of Conduct (codes only)

Applications, Certifications and Other Forms

Volunteer Forms & Certifications

Volunteer Application (required of all volunteers)

Student/Minor Reference Form

Protective Behaviors Certification (required of all volunteers)

Communicable Disease Waiver (CDW) (required of all volunteers)

Concussion Training Certification (required of all coaches and sports volunteers)

(successful completion of either of the courses listed below will meet this requirement)

Concussion Training Certification from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) (Note: At the conclusion of the course you will create a PDF of a certificate which you then email to in order to have your certification accepted/updated)

Note: Recent changes on the CDC site now require creation of a user account (which is pretty straightforward). During that process the user needs to select a "location" and a "sub group" please use the following:

Location = "Heads Up Concussion Training'

Sub-Group = "Not a government employee in Maryland"

CDC Heads Up – Coaches Concussion Guide

Concussion Training Certification from the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) (select “Concussion Courses” from the NFHS page under “Most Popular Courses; on the next screen select “Concussion in Sports” from the next screen; Note that you will need to “order” the course in order to access it, but there is no charge for it)

Athlete Forms

Athlete Application/Medical

Communicable Disease Waiver (CDW) (required of all athletes)

Emergency Medical Care Refusal Form: This special form is only required if the athlete or family does not consent to the athlete receiving emergency medical care or does not consent to blood transfusions in the event of an emergency (i.e., checks off either box related to this on the waiver form). This completed form must be submitted along with the medical form in order for the medical to be processed.

Emergency Medical Care Refusal Form for adult athletes who are their own guardian.

Emergency Medical Care Refusal Form for minor athletes and for adult athletes who have a legal guardian.

Sports Training Program Forms

Area Competition Sanction Form: PDF Version     MS Word Version

Accident/Incident Report Form

Current Coronavirus Status & Applicable Protocol – Reviewed/Updated 11/03/2022 

SOMD and all Area programs follow the COVID related requirements established by the State of Maryland, the County/jurisdiction in which an event/training takes place, and/or the facility which is being used, whichever is the most restrictive.

In addition, effective November 3, 2022, proof of vaccination for COVID will not be required for any individual participating in any sport or staying overnight in Special Olympics provided or arranged housing. This lifting of the vaccination requirement is in effect for all seasons and activities going forward.

Refer to the SOMD Return to Activity – Latest Protocol for specifics of what is required to operate your program in this category of risk.

Coronavirus Resources for Coaches

SOMD Return to Activities – Latest Protocol 

SOMD Return to Activities website (latest resources, training videos and protocol packet)

Communicable Disease Waiver (CDW) Packet (required for ALL participants involved in in-person training and/or competition)

Additional sport-specific resources, including virtual training guides, are included on the Coach Resource Page for each sport.

GMS Resources

GMS is the Games Management System, the training and competition database for Special Olympics Maryland. Access is restricted to users specified by Area Directors for specific purposes.

Click Here to access the GMS Resources Page