Athlete of the Season: Elaina Camacho

With an impressive resume of Athlete Leader, Super Plunger, LETR Ambassador, Global Health Messenger, USA Games Competitor, and World Games Nominee, it’s pretty hard to keep up with Elaina Camacho – but we tried our best! Elaina has always been an inspiring and driven individual who has helped further Special Olympics Maryland’s mission and goals through her participation in Athlete Leadership and even on the field, as she’s encouraging her teammates. It’s been fun learning more about Elaina in our Athlete of the Season series; if you missed any of our catch-ups with Elaina, watch all of them and stay tuned next month to who the next Athlete of the Season will be!

Elaina is a Health Messenger

Health Messenger Elaina Camacho wants you to try her favorite healthy sweet treat. This is an easy snack you can make for just yourself or a friend! There are a handful of ingredients and it should take about 10-15 minutes to make! Check out the recipe below and Elaina’s video to accompany her Healthy Sweet.


  • 1 cup Mixed Berries (frozen or fresh)
  • One handful Ice (only if using fresh berries)
  • 1/2 cup Milk (your choice dairy or non dairy)
  • Optional: Honey
  • Optional: Nonfat Greek yogurt (plain or vanilla)


  1. Measure out ingredients you want
  2. Add ingredients to blender
  3. Blend until desired consistency
  4. Enjoy!

Elaina at the 2024 Super Plunge
Elaina and her Unified Super Plunge partner Randy Clemens raised $17,126.00 this year at the Super Plunge and had a fun time with each of the themed hours (especially the USA hour)!

Elaina at 2024 Winter Games
Elaina Camacho is our Winter Athlete of the Season. We caught up with her at the 2024 Winter Games to learn a little more about her and what being part of the Special Olympics Maryland family means to her. Check out our most recent catch-up with Elaina!

We caught up with Elaina at the 2024 Winter Games where she was competing in Snowshoeing.

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