Athlete Leadership Council in North Carolina

The ALC in NC!

Special Olympics North Carolina recently played host to members of the SOMD Athlete Leadership Council, who left on a journey that proved to be nothing short of inspiring and enriching. Abby Knight, Adam Hays, David Godoy, and Monique Matthews shared their thoughts and experiences, highlighting the warmth and inclusivity they encountered during their visit.

Abby Knight, brimming with enthusiasm, described her trip as nothing short of amazing and incredible. The experience of witnessing Athlete Leadership in action left her awestruck, especially seeing how athletes took charge and contributed to the multi-state regional swim event with zest and passion. Making new friends and fostering bonds further added to the joy of lending a helping hand at the invitational.

Adam Hays, Chair of the SOMD Athlete Leadership Council, reflected on the importance of giving back to the community. Observing the North Carolina Athlete Leadership Council in action provided valuable insights into how volunteering not only makes an impact but also strengthens the bonds within the organization.

David Godoy, an athlete from Maryland, emphasized the sense of belonging and camaraderie experienced during the visit. The hospitality extended by the North Carolina staff and athletes created an atmosphere of support and inclusion, where everyone felt like part of a unified family.

Monique Matthews captured the essence of their visit, labeling it as an “awesome and wonderful experience.” The warm reception they received from the Special Olympics North Carolina community shows how inclusive and accepting they were.

Their journey from Maryland to North Carolina not only bridged physical distances but also strengthened the bonds of friendship and solidarity within the Special Olympics community. As they returned home, their memories serve as a testament to the transformative power of unity and compassion in building a more inclusive society.