2024 Jersey Mike’s Day of Giving: Area Toolkit

Social Media


  • We are going to be at our local Jersey Mike’s today, Wednesday, March 27th for the Day of Giving! Come out to see us and donate to @SpOlympicsMD! #ExperienceInclusion with athlete leaders from your area!
  • On March 27th, all day ALL sales at @Jersey Mike’s __(Location)__ will go towards @spolympicsMD athletes and Unified® teammates! We will be grabbing lunch at Jersey Mike’s on _(Location)_ from ____PM to ___PM, come out to meet athletes from __(County)__ and have an awesome sub!
  • Today – March 27th, all sales at Jersey Mike’s __(Location)__ will go towards @spolympicsmd! Come meet a few athletes and grab a sub on Jersey Mike’s Day of Giving! 


  • We are going to be at our local Jersey Mike’s TODAY from ___ PM to ___PM to benefit the athletes of @SpOlympicsMD for @JerseyMike’s Day of Giving! Come grab a delicious sub and #ExperienceInclusion with local SOMD athletes.
  • On March 27th, all proceeds earned at Jersey Mike’s __(Location)__ will support @spolympicsmd. Stop by the Jersey Mike’s from ___ PM to ___PM to get to know a few local athletes!


Dear [ insert supporter name here ],

Jersey Mike’s Subs is giving back to Special Olympics Maryland with each sub purchased all month long, and when you purchase a sub on Wednesday, March 27th on Jersey Mike’s Day of Giving, all sales will go towards Special Olympics Maryland athletes and Unified® teammates. There’s nothing better than grabbing a delicious sub while giving back to your community! Don’t forget to snap a picture while you’re grabbing your sub, and tag us on social media to spread the word about this awesome and delicious opportunity!

[ insert your name here ]

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