Team Maryland sends delegation to 2017 NIT Golf

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Team Maryland has sent a delegation of 17 athletes, Unified partners and coaches out to 2017 Special Olympics Maryland North America Golf National Invitational Tournament (NIT) in Seattle, Washington.

The Golf NIT is an annual event hosted at various courses around the United States and Canada. With just over a year before the 2018 USA Games next July this tournament will serve as a practice run to test logistics of the games on a smaller scale. 

Special Olympics Golf Rules

Maryland has sent golfers out for the first four levels of competition. Meet your Team Maryland….

Level 1- Individual Skills Competition

Top Left: Linda Maddux Bottom Left: James Bartgis Right: Anaelle El-Or














Level 2- Unified Sports Alternate Shot Team Play Competition (9-hole)

Top (L-R) Greg Fuss and Unified partner Cliff Olson Bottom (L-R) Todd Pulleyn and Unified partner Ryan Freeman


Level 3-Unified Sports Alternate Shot Team Play Competition (18 hole)

Top (L-R) Russell Buchanan and Unified partner Tom McGuire Bottom (L-R) Steven Summerfelt Jr and Unified partner Steven Summerfelt Sr.















Level 4- Individual Stroke Play Competition (9 hole)

William Montague and Caddy Shane McKinney














Top Left: Chuck Helmuth Top Right: Kathy Axline Bottom Left: Melissa Anger (HOD) Bottom Right: Rick Fuss

This article was written by Special Olympics Maryland