Sportsmanship Shines at Kayaking Finals

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At the 2016 Kayaking Time Trials & Championships on August 27th at Washington College, SOMD athletes Kate Moschel and Robin Pearl demonstrated the true meaning of sportsmanship.

Baltimore County coach Mike Myers relayed the story:

A kayak had capsized, and a safety boat went out to provide assistance. Soon after, the 500m race in the Women’s 211 Division started. Athletes Kate Moschel and Robin Pearl noticed that the safety boat was still there, and it was in the way of fellow competitor April King’s lane.

After the race, both Kate and Robin sought out members of the Games Management Team to let them know that they felt the impediment was unfair to April. They wanted to re-run the race, or at least make sure that April did not get disqualified for having to paddle around the safety boat.

Thank you, Kate and Robin, for exemplifying the values that the Special Olympics Maryland community strives to live by.


This article was written by Special Olympics Maryland