Kayaking Time Trials CANCELLED for Saturday, August 13

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Kayaking Time Trials CANCELLED for Saturday, August 13

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It is with great disappointment that I have to announce that we will be CANCELLING the Kayaking Time Trials scheduled for tomorrow, August 13, at Washington College due to heat index related concerns.

Melissa Anger, SOMD Sports Lead for Kayaking, her team and SOMD’s medical advisors have been watching the weather concerns over the past several days and reviewing plans every few hours for possible means by which this event could be held in a manner that is safe for the competitors on the water as well as all the volunteers, family members and spectators on the land. While Melissa and team were able to work things to keep the day short and away from the worst heat index timeframe, we are still very concerned given that the heat index is forecast to be in excess of 105F in Chestertown as early as 10:00 a.m. and rising into the 110s by mid day. Even with teams bringing tents and our having ample supplies of water and ice available to keep people cool, the situation is simply not safe.

We are working through options for getting equitable scores for divisions for the Kayaking finals on August 27 (potentially doing time trials on-site that morning). We will share these in a communication early next week (once we’ve had time to work them out the specifics) and will go over them in greater detail during the scheduled kayaking pre-competition webinar on August 23. As a “heads up” please be advised that any plan to salvage most/all of the events and have the competition be fairly divisioned will require that the Kayaking Championships on August 27 will start earlier than previously announced and will also have them go later in the day. While we don’t have specifics to share at this point, please have your athletes, coaches, and families prepared for a somewhat longer day.

Again, I’m very sorry that we have had to make this decision, but I know you will support us in looking to the safety of our athletes, volunteers and families.


Mike Czarnowsky
Vice President, Program

This article was written by Special Olympics Maryland