Fit Feet and Healthy Athletes at 2017 Summer Games

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Fit Feet and Healthy Athletes at 2017 Summer Games











That wearing sweaty socks  can lead to athlete’s foot.  Athlete’s foot is a fungus that causes redness dry skin and a lot of itching on your feet and between your toes.

Make sure you bring extra socks to practice and games so if your feet get to sweaty you can change your socks to prevent athlete’s foot.




Shoes must fit properly for better performance. If your shoes don’t fit, they can cause blisters (ouch) and if they are too big they can cause you to trip and fall leading to injury and decreased performance. Make sure your shoes fit properly and are not worn out.




Come to Healthy Athletes Fit Feet area at the 2017 Summer Games at the Towson Center to have your feet checked out and make sure your shoes fit properly.

Healthy feet will make better athletes!

This article was written by Special Olympics Maryland