2018 USA Games – Team Maryland Head of Delegation (HOD) and Assistant Head of Delegation (AHOD) Applications

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As Special Olympics Maryland begins preparation for the 2018 National Games, we would like to announce that the applications for the Head of Delegation (HOD) and Assistant Head of Delegation (AHOD) are now available for submission. Please see the attached document that includes the job descriptions for these two crucial positions as well as the application. The applications for these two positions are due on Monday, January 9, 2017.
Once the HOD and AHOD have been chosen, the remaining management team for Special Olympics Maryland will be chosen. The athletes/partners for Bowling, Golf, Powerlifting, Soccer and Tennis and will be selected in the beginning of the year as well as the coaches for those sports. Aquatics, Athletics, Bocce, Basketball and Softball for those sports which we were granted allocations will be selected immediately after the State Championships have concluded for 2017.

Thank you for your attention to this announcement as we look forward to having a great Team from Maryland to represent us well at the 4th Special Olympics USA National Games in Seattle, WA in 2018.

Follow this link for more information on Job duties and responsibilites 
Job Description – HOD and AHOD

Follow this link for the Application for HOD and AHOD                
Management Team Application – HOD and AHOD

NOTE: This information will also be posted on MySOMD in Coaches Tab and will be sent via email to all Area Directors, Area Directors Support and other constituents.

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