Special Olympics Maryland – Baltimore City (SOBC)


Management Team

Name Role Phone Email
Ron Freeman Baltimore Region Director 410-242-1515 x103 rfreeman@somd.org
Mike Myers Community Program Coordinator 443-799-5335 disctoad@gmail.com
LaDonna Schemm School Program Coordinator 410-812-0262 lschemm@bcps.k12.md.us
Karen Jones Medical Director
Ed McAnulla Webmaster
Annu S. Athlete Congress Delegate
Matt W. Athlete Congress Delegate

Additional Competition and Organizational Roles Open:

  • Secretary
  • Sports Coordinator
  • Coaches
  • Fundraising/Special Events Coordinator
  • Outreach Coordinator
  • Public Relations Coordinator

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Syd’s Challenge

Syd Lea is an athlete from Carroll County that wanted to give something back to Special Olympics. So he sat down with his mom and asked her what he could do. They came up with the idea to give a little something back every month. So Syd is donating one hour of his pay every month to Special Olympics Maryland in Carroll County. For Syd, that’s $11.41.

Syd’s friend Christine, who is an athlete in Howard County, heard about what Syd is doing and has decided she will make a monthly donation to Special Olympics Maryland in Howard County. If Syd can do it, so can she. For Christine, that’s $8.25 month.

SOMD email 4 image

So that’s the challenge. Consider giving something back every month to Special Olympics Maryland. You can choose to have it go to athletes in your county program, or you can support athletes and initiatives across the state of Maryland. It’s up to you.

Just click here to get started and make your 1st monthly donation today!



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