Give – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Donations

Below you will find a frequently asked questions and answers about becoming a Special Olympics Maryland sponsor or donor. If you have additional questions, please e-mail Julie Oltmann, Donor Relations Coordinator at

How much of my gift goes to Special Olympics?
Why do I receive calls and letters requesting support from Special Olympics Maryland?
How much of my telemarketing gift goes to Special Olympics Maryland?
How else can I give other than through telemarketing or direct mail?
Is there a way to be removed from Special Olympics Maryland's direct mail and/or telemarketing solicitations?
What are the valid addresses for Special Olympics Maryland?
How can my company become a sponsor of a Special Olympics Maryland program or event?
Can my company volunteer at an upcoming event?
Do you accept corporate product or service donations?
How do I get a tax letter/receipt for my cash or value-in-kind-donation?
I'd like to give you some of my old trophies for you to give to Special Olympics athletes – can you use them?
How about sports equipment or other used items?