Beginner Global Messenger Training

When: April 10th (5pm-9pm) and April 11th (9am-4pm)

Where : YMCA of the Chesapeake, Easton, Maryland

Class Limit: 12 athletes with 12 mentors. In order to attend each athlete must have a mentor attend with them for BOTH days. This is mandatory.

What is provided?
Supper on the 10th
Lunch on the 11th
Snacks and refreshments throughout both days
All materials for the class. (Note book, pens, paper, etc.)

Who should attend?
All athletes who are interested in representing Special Olympics Maryland and their home county or program as a public speaker, emcee or presenter in their community and at a state level.

The Beginner Global Messenger is part of the Athlete Leadership Program (ALPs) and the first step in becoming certified as a full Global Messenger which may open opportunities nationally and globally.
Special Olympics Athlete Leadership Programs allow athletes to explore opportunities in roles previously considered “non-traditional.” Such participation might come in the form of
an athlete serving on the Board of Directors or local organizing committee; or it might find an athlete as a spokesperson, coach or official.

Global Messenger Beginner Course – to provide training and presentation skills for athletes interested in representing Special Olympics Maryland and Special Olympics athletes in formal or support settings.

Cost: FREE. If you are traveling from a far distance you may need to pay for a hotel on Friday night.

Special Olympics Maryland will not be responsible for any supervision or chaperone duties for the Friday overnight. That responsibility is with the athlete and the mentor.
A parent can be a mentor.
A mentor can mentor 1 or 2 athletes but no more than that.

Register: Email Jason Schriml at and indicate that you wish to attend. In this email please write your name, email address, and phone number. Also include your mentors name, email, address and phone number.

Deadline for registration is April 03rd, 2015 at noon.


202 Peach Blossom Ln, Easton, MD 21601